A Retrospective

11 Nov

I watched this earlier. It’s a retrospective of the past 8 years of Highbridge Film Festival, for which I made my first “real short film”, you could say. Watch Me was my first film I made with the intention of submitting to [a] festival[s]. There’s another post I’m going to write about that, but suffice to say, Watch Me was a big deal.

Anyway, while my own film was not actually in the above retrospective, I was personally, at a few times (the shot of the guy with the fire in his eyes? That’s me.) from my “debut” performance at Asbury in Whit Bussey’s Fire (aptly named). But I’m not going to say I didn’t watch that trailer waiting for a shot of mine to come up. And as I was watching, I come to two realisations:

1) Asbury has some really promising students. There was some gorgeous stuff in there, some really vibrant and moving imagery there, and it makes me excited to see what the school is capable of.

2) I don’t make those kind of pretty images. I just don’t. I dunno, I don’t have that in my head, to make these delicate, poignant frames. I’m thinking too much about how the story plays, or more about capturing what’s there already. So if it’s pretty already, then bully for me.

That’s all I can think of for now. None of my images were in that trailer, and that’s okay.


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