Flycam Flujo: The Proposal

24 Dec

In order to solve the problem of becoming an owner-operator for $5,000, I am getting the following equipment:

– SmallHD AC7 (LCD, not OLED)
– RedRock MicroRemote WEFF
– Nyrius HD Transmitter
– Flycam Flujo

I’m keeping track of my expenditures, and I think I’m going to be overbudget, but not by much. Here’s my reasoning:

– I have a SmallHD DP4, and am constantly impressed by their products and their support. The AC7 comes standard with HDMI, and I can add SDI capability to it in the future. Plus, when not on my rig, it will be a nice additional monitor.
– The RedRock is cheapest. Simply put. I’ve been reading some good and bad reviews of it, and as much as I would like to get a Bartech or Preston, the MicroRemote system interests me more. Plus, I like the idea of adding the MicroTape eventually.
– I found the Nyrius a while back, and have been wanting to try it out. I’ve since seen some reviews of people using it, and honestly, I’m just looking to get on that bandwagon before anyone else.
– The bones are there, and it’s pretty cheap.

The aforementioned student who bought the Flujo is going to sell it to me for $1100, which is considerably less than he paid for it (once you include shipping.) The best part is, he’s got a set of spare parts, which is letting me tear into it without completely destroying the system (yet) so I at least for now have a functional rig, and then a set of options for adapting.

Next post: the overhaul.


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