Flycam Flujo: The Overhaul Pt. 1

27 Dec

Okay. Here’s some pics of what I’m dealing with:

I bought a new socket block assembly. Obviously, this won’t quite fit. Real question is if I’m gonna have to take it to a machine shop. Update: the socket block itself is an almost identical copy of the new one I bought. Interesting, as it fits the new pin just as well as the old one.

Pretty sure that all five conductors should be soldered to all five connections. But that’s just me.

So. It looks like they put a board doing voltage regulation in the battery pack, off the back. They did put a voltage display in, which is cool but kind of pointless. But here’s what doesn’t make sense to me: why put this regulation so far upstream? Here it’s getting power straight from the batteries, yes, but then it’s going through one or two (three, in case of the J-box) connections, each of which is costing it voltage and amperage.

Not terribly clean. Additionally, you might notice that the same wire colors are not present here. That’s a bit of an issue, too–who knows what cord is which, and going where? Wish I had taken a picture of the J-box beforehand–it was like a Skittles bag in there, even more colorful than what’s in the sled or the battery pack.

I think, at this point, I’m changing my original plan, and will go ahead and build it out in such a way that I can get 12/24v in one sled. It’s actually somewhat less complicated, somehow–part of it is that I’m using 5 conductors up the post, as opposed to the 12 of the previous design.

So far, I’ve removed all the components, reassigned connectors to what I want/need, and have removed logos (’cause why let people ask questions?).




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