Flycam Flujo: The Overhaul, Pt. 2

4 Jan

I pretty much destroyed my living room for a week. The joys of not having a workshop. Spent 45 minutes cleaning today, 15 of which were vacuuming/hand-picking metal shavings out of the carpet. But the bottom stage is done! Almost.

I borrowed pretty heavily from the Steadicam Ultra/Clipper design, with a simple 15mm rod setup to adjust weight. I can’t tilt the battery pack, but I can’t imagine that will come in handy too often. I don’t intend to get dynamic balance every time.


I spent 10 minutes with some Goo-Gone, scrubbing the adhesive off the post from where the logo was. Not only was the big logo there to incriminate my low-budget endeavours (anyone who knows a little bit about equipment will know it’s not from a major brand) but, more importantly, it prevented the gimbal from sliding down the post. A good 8-10 inches of post completely useless.


I turned the bottom of the sled around (you’ll see later, when I post some “before” pictures), took the voltage display from the battery pack, and attached it to my power inputs. Figured that would be a good way to glance down and see what the incoming voltage was, indicating whether or not I’d need to change batteries.

In my endeavour to make a 12/24v sled, I’ve put two plugs in: one will be for 24v, the other for 12v. In a move pulled from the GPI Pro sled, the bottom battery powers the accessories on the bottom stage, and the battery pack will power the camera and accessories up top. This also lets me just have the back batteries for ballast, if that’s necessary (say, a DSLR or small ENG camera that doesn’t need power from the sled.)

After consulting with a couple of people, I’ve decided to change my 12/24v scheme. It’ll still be there, but will be pretty different in execution.


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