Flycam Flujo: The Overhaul, Pt. 3

21 Jan

Okay. So I’ve reached the point where I can’t do anything now without getting some custom work done.

At this point, I’ve rewired the base of the sled and the J-box up top. To the right, you’ll see the 24v upconverter that is replacing the option of running the batteries in series. Biggest issue right now is fitting the connectors inside this space–me being an engineer, I wanted to go with an XLR 5-pin, but I may have to use on of the 6-pin Lemo’s left over.

I bought some webbing and buckles to redo the vest. Originally, it had these little metal hooks that seemed cool, but liked to fall off if you “relax” the straps, and just made things more annoying than they should be.

I also bought the foam for a Steadicam Pro vest from a guy on the forum marketplace. The original vest has almost no foam around the waist–the last time I ran it with a big rig, my left hip bone hurt for three days from where it had been rubbed raw.

The big thing I’m waiting on right now is to get the connection here milled down to what I need. The socket block pin is compatible on the vest, so it’s just a matter of connecting it to the arm, using the spare piece I had.

An attempt at self-coiling a cable came to laughable results, despite a valiant effort. I’m still researching what I’m going to do next, but I figure it will involve an order from, who have some coiled cables that they sell individually (most people who do coiled cables, do so on a large-scale basis.) The balance is between AWG and space in the post–I don’t want to go higher than 16 ’cause that’s the lowest common denominator of what I’ve already used, and the coil’s outside diameter has to be under an inch or so.

So until I get stuff back from Richmond, I won’t be doing much with the rig.


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