Bureaucracy At Work

22 Feb

School: “We’re going to buy a RED! But we’ve only got $30k, so we’ll buy one that’s five years old.”

Students: “Wow! Even though we know it’s older than what other schools have, we’ll still be excited about it.”

School: “Look at our cool RED! We’re going to use it for everything.”

Student 1: “Wow! I have a really awesome project for my thesis film, which I will use to represent myself and the school for a long time. Can I use that RED?”

School: “No, it’s just for our endowment films, actually.”

Student 1: “But your endowment films are not exactly star caliber, and this project isn’t even filming in the same month. And you said all last year that you would let senior projects or portfolio films use it this year.”

School: “Well, now we don’t want anyone else to use it. All we see is how expensive it is.”

Student 2: “Hey, I’ve been given this project, working with the school and an outside client, meant to air on television. The RED would really help us make a project that will represent the school well.”

School: “Yeah, we’re just gonna keep it on endowed projects. It’s expensive.”

Student 2: “But having raw files will really help with our post workflow, and will enable us to shoot easier. Plus, we’re working for the school to represent it in the local filmmaking economy.”

School: “Well, we only want to let endowed students use it.”

Student 3: “Just to be clear, you’re going to let the endowed film class, which is full of freshman who’ve never been on set before and DP’s who have never used that camera, shoot a sub-par film, while students who are creating amazing senior projects and thesis films are deciding to rent RED cameras from other sources?”

School: “We paid a lot of money for this camera. It’s a RED!”

Student 3: “But if you let more people have a chance to use it, won’t you have more of an opportunity to create stunning visuals that you can use to promote the school?”

School: “We have plenty of on-set photos with it! Boy, does it look cool. Just look at it! It’s big and black and metal!”


2 Responses to “Bureaucracy At Work”

  1. gabrdav April 2, 2014 at 22:45 #

    Oh. My. Word. I just. I can’t.

  2. Brent November 21, 2014 at 05:54 #

    Just read the whole blog and it’s been entertaining. The commentary from a “personal experience” standpoint is comical. Each DIY tutorial is comprehensive and thorough detail. The “school-RED” situation is surprisingly common in many learning institutions (speaking from a first person experience). I am curious as to which school is being referred to in Hampton Roads.
    Looking forward to more intuitive rig engineering and casual Steadicam commentary.

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