Flycam Flujo: The Overhaul, part 4

10 Mar

So! Long time, no post. Little update: I’ve just landed my first big gig as an operator. I’ll be 2nd camera/Steadicam on a TV series shooting ’round here, potentially through October.

The rig is ready to fly, though still solving some issues with the post cable wiring–specifically, that it doesn’t exist yet. However, the show is shooting on Canon C300’s, so I don’t have to power the camera through the sled, and really only need to run an HDMI cable for signal, so we’re good to go.

Today I got back the parts from the machine shop, and boy are they sweet. I had the post/arm assembly remade, and the real socket block mounted so I could use it on any standard vest.

Old socket block:

New socket block:


Old arm post:

New arm post:


I also had two longer posts made (an 8″ and 12″) so I can put the sled up higher.

The arm now has a permanent fitting in it to adapt it to 5/8″:


Needless to say, I’m excited. Camera tests tomorrow morning in the studio, and I’ll have the rig up to make sure everything is hunky dory.


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